Why I Started this SEO Company

Over the past year I've worked on SEO for my own business Concrete Coast, along with several other brands, and seen dramatic results.

The more I've learned about SEO and content marketing, the more I've realized that it's one of the most important ways to get your website out into the world. We all use Google daily for questions and thoughts that pop into our heads, so it's really important to have your site show up! A great looking website with no views will never help your business.

If your SEO and content is on point, your company can be the answer for someone else's question. This gives you credibility and makes you the expert on everything your company does. It helps you continue to develop new leads / customers / clients and shows that you're the authority.

My goal is to get companies discovered and then continue to grow their brand. There's so many "professional SEO's" out there that expect monthly payments but essentially do little to no work after the first month or two. SEO is something that needs to be maintained and constantly developed, so if my work load is less over time, I'll adjust accordingly.

I'm very excited to start this new venture and help other business owners succeed! If you are interested in hearing more or having your site audited, please use the contact form here.

Thank you!

Connor Walberg

Connor Walberg