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Singletrack SEO
SEO and Content Marketing that works.


Wheel in real customers, not just traffic and clicks.


Simple, Singletrack Approach to help customers find your shop.

It's all about honesty and transparency.  I want you to know exactly what I'll do to get your bike shop seen on Google. Unlike all the SEO's out there who are promising the world, I'll give you a realistic view and timeline to what can be accomplished.

It's not going to be instant, but the best things in life never are. With my approach we'll make your site stand out and take top rankings for local keywords with real customer intent.  

If you were in a new town looking for a bike shop, you'd probably look it up on Google using the location.  That's Local SEO.  If your bike shop comes up first, it's far more likely to get that new customer!

Content is the base of it all.  Chances are that when you look for a new product or service, you research it online first.  So if your website can be that source of information, you'll be a potential client/customers first choice and point of contact.

It's great when you create a good looking website, but when no one see's it there are no gains.  Invest in getting people to your store through your site and that's where the real magic lies.  

A great looking site with no eyes viewing it is not going to help your business.

I will help you get the right eyes on your website.


STEP ONE: Site Audit / Competitor Evaluation

The very first thing I do is look at how your site is ranking, and what needs to happen.  I will check for bad links and slow load times, look at the internals of your site for SEO improvements, and find the best ways to make it perform better.  

From there I'll check into your top competitors and see what strategies they are using.  I'll find the areas they are lacking and what they are doing right that can be emulated.  

SEO is about building great content your customers will want to read, and then tying all together with a perfect balance of technical tweaks.  This is the strategy that will last every time Google updates.

This will all be delivered in an easy to understand report with suggestions that will grow your business, even if you decide not to take this any further.  All the research and suggestions will be as clear as day.


STEP TWO:  Action Plan

Here's where the fun part starts.  Now that we've had a chance to look over your site and your competitors, I'll build an action plan broken down by month to get things moving.  

This will include specially designed techniques featuring:

  • Keyword Research - The best long-tail keywords that will help customers and clients find your website.  A plan will be built for each keyword approach and how to best implement into content.
  • Link Building - To increase your sites credibility for Google, we will work on building REAL, QUALITY LINKS.  This is where other SEO's will dupe you.  They will buy bad or spammy links for quicker gains even though this will likely ruin your site for Google on the next update.
  • Content Creation - Great content that delivers on customer/client intent.  The type of content that educates and interests clients and makes them comfortable with your site and services.  Keyword research ties this all together.
  • Modifications to the back end - Speeding up your site, tagging images, meta descriptions, title tags, etc..
  • Design / Front End Modifications - Google (and your customers) care about usability and style.  If you have a bad looking site or one that is poorly laid out, we will fix this to increase conversions and SEO results.

STEP 3: Taking Action

I tend to overdeliver as I become heavily invested in every company I work with.  Your plan will include a set of monthly tasks and goals.  Some will require input from you, but my goal is to take as much off your plate as possible.  

I'll complete all monthly tasks and goals on time and will let you know if/when the workload lessens so we can adjust budget accordingly.  

I won't rest until your action plan is complete each month, and I'll update you with a report showing all progress and activity.  After all, your hard-earned money is being put into this and you deserve to see results!  


Real results from real work.  My success with your SEO/Content strategy will drive your businesses success.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.25.37 PM.png

Concrete Coast

My own personal longboarding / t-shirt company.  I've built up the site over several years, but began content marketing in March 2017.  The top shows traffic increasing dramatically from March through August 2017.  The bottom shows how many keywords Google is finding and starting to index on the website.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.22.44 AM.png

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards

RMSG had a fairly strong SEO game, but was overpaying a "Link-building" professional who was only delivering spam links.  They've switched over and are receiving more calls and email inquiries than ever due to a large increase in intent driven organic traffic.  It's not just about getting traffic to a site, it's about getting the right traffic.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.36.40 AM.png


LumiQuest is a photo flash modifier company.  New keywords like "Flash Diffuser" and "Speedlight softboxes" are quickly climbing the ranks and starting to deliver more relevant traffic with true buyer intent.

 Why am I in a t-shirt?  I run Concrete Coast and developed the company starting with tees, so I'm going to be honest here, this is what I'll probably be wearing while I'm working on your site!

Why am I in a t-shirt?  I run Concrete Coast and developed the company starting with tees, so I'm going to be honest here, this is what I'll probably be wearing while I'm working on your site!

Why Hire Singletrack SEO?

I worked at the Mountain Pedaler bike shops in Eagle and Minturn for over 5 years and love the cycling community.  I ride my bike to work every day and can't get enough biking.  But let's talk about my SEO experience too....

I've been building websites for over 17 years (and though I look 17 in my picture, I'm actually 30).  My experiences include running a full fledged e-commerce store at, professional photography for over 10 years with images published all over the world at Getty Images, and web design consulting built around SEO/Content Marketing with multiple businesses over the past several years.

 I've always loved analytics and creative writing.  Through the combo I can see what will work to get your site ranked, and generate content that is helpful and enjoyable to read for your customers/clients.  I'm based in Denver, CO and live with my wife Kelly, and two adorable little boys, Chase and Blake.  

It's always been my belief that anything I do needs to be done to it's best possible outcome, and I deliver that to every client I work with.  I'm in this because I love to see companies succeed.



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